Giving Timeless Materials New Life

September 22, 2017
timeless materials reclaimed wood

Nothing tells a story of history quite like reclaimed hardwood. While home remodeling trends come and go, reclaimed wood continues to stand the test of time. While other materials can be cheaply made from unknown sources, reclaimed wood wears its heritage like a badge of honor. Whether it be hardwood floors, light boards, fireplace mantles or decorative art pieces, reclaimed wood should be the center of your next home remodeling project. Because many varieties of wood that were once abundant are now gone or in short supply, reclaimed wood is our only chance to preserve classic American timber.

Local History Abound

You don’t need to visit a museum to take a glimpse into the history of Ohio. With reclaimed wood, the reminders are all around you. The big red barn that helped keep the family farming operating together during the Great Depression. The shelter from frigid Ohio winters. The railroad ties that brought transportation to an isolated rural city. Adding this history to your project gives it something unique that no other material offers.

While there are only a handful of custom home builders in the area with the knowledge and expertise to work with reclaimed wood, there are even fewer that source almost all their materials from Ohio. We work with the Mount Vernon Barn Company and Olde Wood Limited, so you can be sure that you are getting a unique piece of Ohio history with each piece of wood.

What’s Old Is New

reclaimed wood

Think reclaimed wood can only be used for hardwood floors? Think again. Most reclaimed wood has relatively similar longevity to modern-day materials (30-45 years), so incorporating it into more than just floors will make your home remodel last a lifetime. Some common uses of reclaimed wood are:

Wood Cabinets

When a barn is disassembled, the siding can give your cabinets a natural, weathered look that can’t be replicated with any other materials. Compliment your cabinets with metal hardware for an even more authentic look.

Wood Beams

Antique beams can be re-sawn and planed from disassembled barn beams to give your space a robust and warm feel, no matter your style or taste.

Stair Treads

Planks of reclaimed wood can be cut down to stair treads, which gives your home a new level of coziness.


Incorporating reclaimed wood into your paneling gives your room texture and visual appeal. The nail holes, nicks and uneven color add character that no other material boasts.

Not Without Challenges

Nothing completes a project quite like reclaimed wood, but it is not without its challenges. Getting the wood ready for its seconds life is a process that takes expertise and a thorough knowledge of the subject. Because it has been exposed to the element for many years, the wood needs to be kiln dried to squeeze out any moisture that has accumulated over the years. Additionally, metal detectors point out any unwanted materials that have made their way into the boards. Preparing your reclaimed wood properly ensures the preservation of the character and history that makes your home stand out.

Surround Yourself with Character

Gone are the days of cutting down hundred-year-old giants. These methods have been replaced with timber grown specifically to meet market demands, only living a young life before being turned into usable wood. However, there is no replacement for the character of reclaimed wood. Become a part of the history and give it a use that will have the next generation telling stories about where it came from.