True American Craftsmanship: The Ketron Custom Builders Story

June 22, 2017
Ketron Custom Builders Story

Travis Ketron was born with sawdust in his blood. Well, not literally. Travis grew up around construction. His dad was a talented carpenter who built three family homes during his lifetime. Working at Delco as a fulltime Union carpenter, Travis’ dad also ran a side business working on various projects for friends and neighbors on evenings and weekends.

Like Father, Like Son

Like most sons who look up to their fathers, Travis fell into the same line of work. In high school, Travis began framing residential homes. After graduation, he attended OSU where he studied finance and human resources. Frequently he asked himself, “What do I want to do?” He knew he loved building structures and working outside, but at the time there wasn’t a construction degree to pursue.

The Construction Boom

Travis continued to work as a framer through college, while honing his studies in line with learning how to manage a company. His vision was to one day become a general contractor and start his own business. After college, Travis ran a framing company. Construction was booming in the early 90s and there was a strong need for trade labor. He knew he couldn’t jump right into a general contractor position, so he used this time to learn as much as he could about the nuances of building structures.

Travis Ketron

Going on His Own

In 1999, he officially started his own company as a framing contractor. One of Ketron Custom Builder’s earlier successes involved a very large and intricate roof layout; one that required skilled, precision hand cutting. Travis lived for geometric challenges like this, and soon developed a reputation as a premier subcontractor. Builders loved him because he worked hard and had the talent to build more complex projects. Travis loved partnering with local builders because he continued to learn about what goes into building a house and the underlying structure.

Importance of Structure

Ketron’s first general contracting project was a historic remodel in Victorian Village. The client chose Travis because of his extensive knowledge of building structures. Travis explains, “Any time you make a major modification to a historic structure, it’s critical to understand how it was put together and how it performs. When someone wants to remodel their kitchen, in reality they’re asking me to restructure their house and change the intent of how the house supports itself.”

Fast forward almost 20 years later, and Ketron Custom Builders is still focused on structure. “Because we understand structure and how things go together, we’re better suited to make a major modification to a structure without hurting it.”

It’s All About Customer Service

Even more than his extensive knowledge of building and structure, Travis attributes his success to customer service. Regarding home remodeling projects, “We’re sympathetic to the fact that our clients are living in their homes during a remodel, so we take great care when arriving and leaving a jobsite, scheduling subcontractors, and monitoring quality control. I make myself available any time, day or night.”

Travis’ goal is to control as many aspects of the project as possible to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. “Scheduling is what other companies struggle with. The last thing I want is for there to be a day where no work is happening.”

Remodel vs. Relocate

Some of Ketron’s renovations are extensive. When asked why clients choose a major home renovation over buying a new house, Travis explained, “Location is huge. Being close to your job or close to downtown matters to people. Sometimes you find a house with great bones and a lot of character, but it needs modern updates to better suit your lifestyle.”

Best of Both Worlds

Marrying the old with the new is one of Ketron’s specialties, as Travis has always been enamored with the character of an old house. On the other end of the spectrum, Ketron is currently working on an ultra-modern home renovation utilizing crisp clean edges, geometric shapes and a cool metal roof.

Making the House Fit

“Sometimes people buy a house thinking it’s perfect, but after living in it for a while realize that it doesn’t exactly fit how they live.” Whether old or new, Ketron’s specialty is the ability to listen to what their customers want, learn about their lifestyles, and change the environment they live in to better fit how they use the space.

Looking to the Future

After all this time working in construction, Travis is not even close to being done. “There are always ways to improve; the little minute things that make the difference. We sell on service, not on price. We take care of our clients and we’re flat out honest.” When asked why he is so focused on always doing the best job he possibly can, his reply was simply, “If you can, why wouldn’t you?”

Whether your home remodeling project lasts one month or several years, Ketron Custom Builders will manage every detail from start to finish. From kitchens and bathrooms to whole house remodels and custom homes, Travis and his team guarantee quality craftsmanship. Check out some of our latest remodeling projects and contact us for more information. We look forward to building with you.