On Tap

November 1, 2016
On Tap: After

On tap for this project was to switch the dining room with the small kitchen. A simple trade of rooms allowed us to maximize the new kitchen space. We then opened the load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room and created a 10′ wide opening. The new opening ties the two rooms together as well as opens up the flow during periods of entertaining.

The home was built in the early 1900’s and was dark, detailed woodwork throughout. Our clients choice for the new kitchen cabinets was black walnut with a beaded inset door. The black walnut with the existing dark trim blended as if they were installed together at the beginning. All the woodwork in the renovated areas was custom milled to match the existing profiles which helps to create the seamless and invisible transition between old and new. Stone countertops and distressed hardwood floors further enhance the character of this historic home.

Our clients love for finely crafted micro brews allowed us to install three beer taps into the new kitchen. The taps are discretely installed into the tile backsplash with the kegs remotely installed into the basement. With the beverage center and taps located at one end of the kitchen, multiple activities and entertaining can happen simultaneously.


On Tap: Before