What Does It Mean to be Custom?

August 23, 2017
What Does It Mean to be Custom?

Custom isn’t just a word or catchphrase to us; it’s our mantra. You have your own personal style and taste. Why should your home be any different? Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, a Victorian attic retreat or an entire home build, we start by listening to your story and customize your project to fit you and your lifestyle. Custom is at our core; it is what we were founded on and what we will always believe in.

Leave the Status Quo in the Dust

While there are plenty of motorcycles that you can buy “off-the-rack”, nothing rides quite like a custom-built motorcycle. Whether it’s the handlebars you’ve been sketching for months or the trim & accents that only you will notice, there’s a personal connection to something made specifically for you. Your home and lifestyle should receive the same treatment. Your dream house isn’t sitting on a shelf. There’s pride in knowing you have a one-of-kind project that will never be duplicated or copied.

Whether it’s an entire home build, an attic renovation or updating a single room, we don’t believe in spec sheets. Your design, finish or look, like a motorcycle, should be tailored to you and your specific needs. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Beyond Construction

While construction of your project is our forte, designing the custom solutions for that construction is something we take great pride in. Who better to know what is a possible solution than the people doing the actual construction? Through consultations, design mockups and example projects, we involve you in the process to set proper expectations for each project. Once the planning is done, you can sit back and watch your dream home come to fruition.

Customized Maintenance

Creating something custom doesn’t end at the completion of the project. If a part breaks on your custom bike, would you take it to a standard bike mechanic? You take it to the custom bike builder, because only they will understand the complexities and the proper approach to fixing it. We have the same level of responsibility when dealing with your custom project. We aren’t your ordinary handy-man. We stand by the quality of our work for the long haul.

Customize Your Life

You have the ability to customize almost every aspect of your life to fit your needs and personal style. Your home should be no exception. Once we understand your life and everyday needs, we work with you to design a custom solution to make your home a destination for you. Contact us today to get your destination started.